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The Modern CFO

Introducing The Modern CFO by Moss, a resource hub designed to assist forward-thinking finance professionals as they prepare their businesses and teams for the future.

Explore our library of exclusive white papers, articles, webinars and live events with experienced CFOs and finance professionals, as well as exclusive Moss data insights and strategic industry benchmarks.

Our white papers

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Cutting unnecessary costs with strong financial controls
A step by step dissection of unnecessary business costs and how to manage them.
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Indirect costs: Optimising ad budgets in a downturn
Insights from our analysis of real digital ad spend data from more than 1,000 companies.
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The changing tasks of finance professionals
Analysis of an exclusive 1,000+ respondent Moss survey exploring finance teams' responsibilities.
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3 steps to recession-proof your business
We share practical tips that can help you prepare your business for a challenging economic environment.
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Our webinars

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Unlock the Future of Finance with Moss: A Special Webinar for Finance Leaders!

In partnership with the Finance Leaders League
29th November • on-demand

Get a first look demo of new game-changing Moss features, designed to help you take charge of your company spend including: purchase requests for better control and transparency over requested and upcoming spend, improved approval and accounting workflows, and seamless ERP integrations. We’ll also be joined by Head of Finance and happy Moss customer, Dennis Pargmann of FORMEL Skin, who’ll discuss his own experiences.

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New approaches to spend control for 2023 (and beyond)

9th November • on-demand

Join us as we hear from two experienced finance professionals about spend and finance control in their businesses. We’ll be discussing cost priorities for the final stretch of 2023, best practices for controlling spend (and balancing that with workforce autonomy), and how to establish effective processes for cost approvals and expenses.

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Promoting financial sustainability in the bad times and the good

11th October • on-demand

Hear from our panel of experienced finance leaders as we discuss the topic of financial sustainability and its impact on business growth. Partnered with Excellent Zephyr.

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Articles & Updates

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Find out how to cut unnecessary spend in our brand new white paper
Data, company culture, systems... Here’s what you can expect to learn from our brand new white paper on controlling unnecessary spend.
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How to classify and cut indirect costs
Find out why indirect costs make it hard for businesses to build accurate budgets, and what they can do to attibute these costs more effectively.
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How data improves cost control mechanisms
Find out why high quality data is the most important driver for cost control, and how to equip your business with it as easily as possible.
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How to optimise ad budgets in a downturn
Preview our latest white paper — it provides exclusive insights and digital ad spend data to help you optimise your ad budgets.
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The benefits of flexible budgeting in an uncertain economy
Learn how flexible budgeting can help businesses remain agile, especially during times of economic uncertainty.
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Tips to help you boost cash flow and liquidity
Here are six simple tips that can help you manage your cash more effectively.
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Budget optimisation checklist
Improve your approach towards budget optimisation with this simple checklist.
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Preview: The changing tasks of finance professionals
Introducing our new white paper, which presents the results of our survey of more than 500 finance professionals about the future of their industry.
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The emergence of finance as a strategic business function
Find out how finance has evolved from a largely back-office function, to a central cross-departmental advisor and guiding force for business strategy.
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Equipping your business with better financial insights
Use this step by step checklist to help build better financial insights for your teams.
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Preview: 3 steps to recession-proof your business
An introduction to our new white paper which provides tips to help you recession-proof your business.
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Why spend management software should be a priority for 2024
Find out how spend management software can help businesses improve the way they work in 2024.
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