Virtual Credit Cards from Moss

Virtual credit cards for more efficiency and flexibility

Our virtual credit cards are ideal for all occasions and expenses - whether for one-time payments or monthly subscriptions, whether marketing expenses or travel costs. With any number of virtual credit cards, all employees in the company can pay all expenses online.


Create as many virtual credit cards as you like for all your expenses.


Issue dedicated cards per vendor or expense, set limits and make changes in real time.


Virtual credit cards can be created and blocked within seconds.


Fixed limits and adjustments in real-time provide maximum control and security.

Optimize all spending with virtual credit cards

Different virtual credit cards in different colours and for different types of expenses

Credit Cards for all expenses

With Moss, you can create virtual credit cards with just a few clicks – whether for the monthly software subscription or the next team event. Track all card transactions in real time centrally in your dashboard and keep track of all company spending. Simple, transparent and with full control.

Google Facebook and Github cards

Cashback on high spend

Moss customers with high spending get cash back. Without conversion or point system. Whether it's a marketing campaign, virtual card payments or recurring software subscription spend.

Moss App: Create virtual card for one-off expenses or subscriptions

Create virtual credit cards

Ten, twenty or a hundred – create as many virtual credit cards as you need. The more cards you issue for the different occasions, the easier it will be to track your company spending. All cards are personalised and customisable, can be released, adjusted or frozen in real time.

Set colour, purpose, frequency and limit for new cards

Set limit and purpose

Stay in control: Define individual limits for all virtual credit cards and manage budgets directly in Moss. Create one-off cards for a specific purpose or set up subscription cards for regular payments. For better security and more flexibility.

Upload receipts directly with the smartphone, e.g. invoices from Starbucks

Upload receipts directly

With Moss, employees add the receipt with a click and have it automatically matched by Moss. Either via upload in the web application or quickly via photo in the Moss mobile app. Forgot to upload? No problem. Moss reminds employees by email.

Export and transfer all bookings from the Moss app to DATEV connection

Export bookings with DATEV

Via the official DATEV interface, all bookings are exported to DATEV Unternehmen online with just one click. This reduces the manual effort in bookkeeping, speeds up the monthly closing – and saves the whole team valuable time.

Virtual credit cards - for all expenses and every employee

Finance teams

All expenses under control

Distributing budgets, approving purchases, billing expenses - repetitive work often costs finance teams several working days a month. Free up your time, automate your expense management with Moss and distribute as many physical and virtual credit cards as you like across the organization. Whether for individual employees or teams, for one-time expenses or monthly subscriptions. Set individual limits and keep an eye on all costs.


Experience Moss and manage all expenses in one place.

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