Indirect costs: Optimising ad budgets in a downturn

Digital advertising has been an area of particular interest for finance teams looking to trim budgets. The latest white paper in our The Modern CFO series analyses real spend data from more than 1,000 companies to identify key digital advertising spend trends over the past 18 months.

Indirect costs: Optimising ad budgets in a downturn White Paper

Granular spend data and insights are essential for CFOs who want to increase efficiency in their overall cost base. This white paper will help you understand how much money you should allocate for digital advertising. Inside you’ll find:

• A breakdown of digital advertising spend across key channels since the start of 2022.
• An overview of year-over-year budget changes by channel.
• An explanation of the best options for managing your indirect costs and ad spend more efficiently.

Download the white paper and learn more.