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Het Scheepvaart Museum and Moss

February 07, 2024
4 min
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Het Scheepvaart Museum, a beacon of Dutch maritime history, prides itself on being more than just a collection of artefacts. This dynamic institution, located in the heart of Amsterdam, has a legacy spanning over 150 years and serves as a hub of cultural and educational activities. Here, Wijnand Mirandolle, Head of Finance and Operations, shares his voyage with Moss to modernise and streamline the museum's financial processes.

Product used
  • Corporate Cards
Problems solved
  • Manual, time-consuming expense management
  • Inefficient receipt tracking
  • Enhanced spend visibility and control


Moss cards


hours of admin saved per month


spend visibility

Before Moss

The museum, though rich in history, faced contemporary challenges in financial management. The archaic system of a single credit card circulating among 20 staff was a recipe for inefficiency and errors. Often, the marketing team would have to wait for the General Director to return from a meeting so they could use the card to place online ads. Manual processes dominated, with finance teams ensnared in the laborious task of tracking expenses and chasing invoices. As a recipient of government funding, and the strict governance rules that accompany them, Wijnand knew he had to bring the tracking of spend under control and implement a user friendly system.

Since using Moss

Having implemented Moss for numerous companies during his time as a consultant, Wijnand knew it could meet their requirements. And as they were already using Exact Globe to manage their financial processes, they took advantage of the direct integration for a seamless sync of the full Chart of Accounts. Wijnand’s foresight in adopting Moss transformed the chaotic expense and spending process into a streamlined, efficient system. They use their Moss cards for online ad spend, travel, as well as employee budget for health and wellness expenses.

“Moss helped modernise our financial operations. It doesn’t just save us time, it gives us clarity and control over our expenses, which is invaluable for an institution like ours.”
- Wijnand Mirandolle, Head of Finance and Operations.

With individual corporate cards and automated expense tracking, the finance team’s bookkeeping duties are more efficient. They spend less time on admin so they can focus more time on strategic financial planning. The museum now enjoys real-time insights into spending, enhanced budget control, and a significant reduction in administrative overhead. Plus, there’s no longer anyone waiting beside the General Director’s desk for his credit card.

Experience Moss now and manage all your expenses in one place.

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