Manage employee expenses such as subscriptions or one-time expenses

Employee expenses with Moss: More freedom, less work

Distribute real credit cards to all employees and stay in control with flexible budgets. And turn your back on expense reports once and for all.

Digitized approvals

With automated spend and approval processes, Moss helps you make the most of your time.

Complete transparency

Collecting receipts only slows you down. With Moss, expenses become 100 % transparent.

Monitor your expenses

With set approval limits, corporate credit cards for employees allow a new level of control.

Freedom from paperwork

Track all employee spending in Moss, freeze cards and flexibly adjust limits.

Manage employee spend with Moss, achieve goals

Virtual credit cards with all transaction details and upload of receipts

Automated expense management

Moss helps teams work more efficiently. Distribute cards to all employees and stay in control. Moss shows you all employee expenses in one place and always in real time. This makes every payment trackable.

Automate travel and other expenses

Bye, expense reports

Virtual credit cards for all employees reduce expense reports and save nerves. Issue cards for one-time or regular expenses. Your team captures receipts on mobile and digitally so everything is complete at the end of the month.

Corporate credit card with monthly spending limits - e.g. for business trips

Company credit cards for all employees

Define individual limits for all employee cards, assign them to specific employees and purposes and optimize your spending management. Change spending limits in real time without restricting payment processes.

Message from Slack

Receipt reminders directly in Slack

Connect Moss to your Slack workspace and your team will be regularly and automatically notified of missing receipts. This saves time when closing the month and the finance team doesn't have to search for receipts.

Reimbursement of cash expenses with attached invoice

Simple reimbursement of cash expenses

Sometimes an employee may have to pay for business expenses out of pocket. Moss makes it convenient to account for and reimburse personal expenses, without any paperwork.

Manage employee spend with Moss.
And take work off the entire team's plate.

Finance teams

All expenses in one place

Moss is the all-in-one platform for all employee spending. Smart corporate credit cards for every occasion and employee make all expenses transparent. Far beyond airline tickets and coffee. With Moss, teams make all expenses autonomously. Real-time tracking and admin rights guarantee control so you can intervene at any time. Set spending policies, change card details, and see where money is being spent at a glance.


Experience Moss now and digitize employee expenses.

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