Manage recurring spend, e.g. Facebook Ads, Google Ads or Amazon Webs Service costs, directly with Moss. Transparent and in real time

Efficient and centralized management of recurring expenses

If you sign up for a lot of subscriptions, it's easy to lose track. With virtual subscription credit cards from Moss, you can automate recurring payments securely. And keep all regular payments and invoices centrally under control.

Digitized approvals

Need a new tool? Request and approve credit cards for new subscriptions with just a few clicks in Moss.

Transparent budgets

Stop unnecessary expenses: Identify duplicate or dispensable subscriptions with Moss. And manage budgets more efficiently.

Maximum security

Issue individual subscription cards for every recurring payment with Moss. No chance for card fraud.

Quick export

Save time by using integrated interfaces to accounting software. All accounting data is exported within seconds.

Moss creates transparency in subscription management

Virtual credit card for all kinds of subscriptions, such as for services like Adobe or Figma, or advertising costs like Facebook or Google Ads

Virtual credit cards for every subscription

Whether software subscriptions or online marketing campaigns, Moss has the right card for every recurring payment. Issue virtual credit cards for all your subscriptions and set card- or merchant-specific limits for more budget control.

Adjust, view, edit or pause budgets for expenses (e.g. Google Ads) in an instant.

Flexibly adapt budgets to your subscriptions

Moss credit cards are as flexible as your subscriptions: An employee leaves the company? Simply transfer his subscription cards to another team member! If the monthly subscription price increases, the individual card limits can be adjusted in an instant.

Manage all subscriptions - whether advertising, tools, software, etc. - centrally. centrally, whether Google Ads, AWS, Facebook or Stripe.

Keep track of recurring payments

Manage all subscriptions in one place: The Moss Dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of all amounts paid monthly for each merchant. Immediately deactivate cards for duplicate or dispensable payments - and put an end to unnecessary expenses.

Manage invoices, request new invoices and automate invoice management with Moss

Invoice management centrally in one place

Collectively manage invoices for all recurring expenses in Moss. Team members upload their invoices with just a few clicks and powerful OCR-scanning automatically extracts all relevant data. Fully transparent and safe.

Automatically assign data for the booking (such as invoice number, category, VAT rate, etc.) in the Moss App.

Automated assignment of accounting data

Set up cost carriers, cost centers and VAT rates in Moss and implement vendor-specific rules for recurring payments. This way, accounting data are assigned automatically to repeated payments. And accounting runs almost on autopilot.


Experience Moss and manage all invoices digitally.

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