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RS Finance and Moss: bringing spend management to scale-ups

February 27, 2024
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RS Finance is an accountancy and financial consultancy firm based in Amsterdam. Their focus is on making extraordinary contributions to the success of their clients, starting with payroll and annual reporting, but extending much further. Project Consultant Ronald Groot, who has successfully implemented Moss for 10 of RS Finance’s clients, shares insights on their Moss usage and the resulting benefits.

Product used
  • Corporate Cards
Problems solved
  • Manual, time-consuming expense management
  • Inefficient receipt tracking
  • Unnecessary manual admin


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Before Moss

Before partnering with Moss, RS Finance’s clients faced challenges in managing their expenses. Retrieving invoices for online subscriptions was often a source of frustration and processing credit card statements consumed a huge amount of time.

The challenge was compounded when matching credit card statements to corresponding expenses. This was particularly arduous when receipts were missing or when it wasn't clear whether the receipts pertained to credit card payments. RS Finance saw Moss as an ideal partner to streamline their clients' expense processes into one universal tool.

Since using Moss

Since the implementation of Moss for 10 of their clients, RS Finance has witnessed a transformation in how they manage their finances. The ease of use and effectiveness of Moss has garnered positive feedback, with one claiming they now have more insights into their financials than ever before. And as they were already using Exact Online to manage their financial processes, they took advantage of the direct integration for a seamless sync of the full Chart of Accounts.

“Moss is making my clients happy, which means they’re happy with my advice. It’s like one big happy family.” - Ronald Groot, Project Consultant, RS Finance

Most use their virtual cards for online marketing platforms like Google Ads, Moss has significantly simplified the invoice management and receipt collection processes. This partnership has not only made financial management smoother for RS Finance's clients but also strengthened the trust and satisfaction in the services provided by Ronald and his team.

Experience Moss now and manage all your expenses in one place.

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