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It was a glorious October: Our exciting new product highlights

Felix GlahnFelix GlahnNovember 11, 2021
Our exciting new product highlights
  • For the past two months, a steadily increasing number of companies have been using Moss for their invoice management. During this period, more than 4,000 invoices have already been processed and over €6.5 million paid!
  • There are improvements in the areas of invoice management and approval policies, which make processes more transparent and enable greater control.
  • A number of improvements have also been made in the area of accounting: As of now, setup is even easier and is becoming increasingly automated.

In addition to the successful launch in the Netherlands, we have introduced numerous innovations in the Moss app this month once again, to further improve the user experience, and adapt it to suit your business structures even better. 

Two months ago, we took another big step towards a holistic financial management solution with the Invoice Management feature. Since then, a lot has happened and the feature has evolved and improved even more. There have also been innovations in the accounting area. Here are the most important features and benefits at a glance. 

Invoice management: now even easier 

Save time, get more freedom: We know from talking to our customers that digitizing and uploading invoices takes up a lot of time. Moss saves you all this time! Now you can upload incoming invoices collectively or simply forward them to your personal invoice mailbox.

And that's not all: Default values for all relevant accounting attributes are created in no time and save effort for subsequent invoices from the same merchant.

Updated invoice management

The invoice export feature has also been tweaked. In the export queue, it is now easy to track who has exported individual invoices. This saves the trouble of investigations within the team and guarantees an additional overview. 

Something else is also set to improve: Soon teams will be able to leave comments on their invoices via a comment function. This will make collaborative work between employees and finance managers even easier. 

Approval policies tailored for you

Who approves which expense? This question just got a lot easier to answer. Structure your existing policies in Moss and define approval levels in more detail. Earlier, you could already select multiple roles and persons for individual steps of approval. Now, individual persons with a selected role can also be designated for an approval. So, even the most complex approval structures can be created with just a few clicks.

Updated approval policies

Accounting: improvements and new features

There are new features in accounting as well. Manual tasks have been further automated, making processes even simpler.

Easy setup via CSV upload

Subcategories, cost carriers and suppliers can easily be created and imported via the CSV bulk upload. Even better: CSV files from DATEV Kanzlei Rechnungswesen are also compatible. This makes setting up accounting in Moss even easier.

Improvements to cost centres

To make bulk-uploading and creating of cost centers as frictionless as possible, we removed the need to first create teams before cost centers can be created.

New: Automations

There’s a new tab in the accounting section: Automation. For now, default merchant rules can be set up there. We'll be adding more automation features in this section very soon.

There's more

Here’s a look at some more improvements that our team’s been working on:

Improved cards section

The cards section has been redesigned. In addition to new sections for individual or team cards, there are filtering options for a better overview to find the right card faster.

Easier business account connection

We have made it even easier to connect existing business accounts to Moss. In addition to a revised interface, the corresponding branch of a bank can also be selected.

Changes to default logout times

We increased the default logout time from 15 to 30 minutes. Additionally, it’s possible to select an optional checkbox on the login screen to stay logged in for 8 hours for that session.