Moss Partners with Deel to boost SMB Efficiency

Raghu VinodRaghu VinodApril 10, 2024
Moss x Deel

Gain full transparency into employee spending and streamline employee onboarding and offboarding processes with Moss and Deel's integrated solution.

Streamlined onboarding & offboarding of employees

Ensuring your employees have the right access to all your software licenses is cumbersome. By integrating Moss with Deel, you have one less headache to worry about. When adding a new employee to Deel, Moss automatically sends the Moss administrators notification. With a click of a button, your new employees are invited to Moss, sparing you the hassle of keeping track of who should have access to Moss. Whenever an employee leaves your company and is deactivated in Deel, they are automatically deactivated from Moss too.

Transparency & control over spend in line with your organization structure

No need to set up your team structure and employee allocation manually in Moss. Once you connect Moss with Deel, we fetch data on reporting lines, as well as what team structure you have in Deel, allowing you to create the same mapping of users to teams in Moss. When you invite an employee, they will automatically be assigned to the correct team and manager, ensuring that your managers and team leads have full transparency over spend happening within their domains.

Data always in sync between systems

It's a hassle to make sure there are no data discrepancies between softwares and tools used, and we acknowledge the main source of truth for employee and team data is your HR software. As soon as you integrate Moss with Deel, we make sure that as soon as any relevant data is updated in Deel, we automatically update it in Moss as well.

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