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Elana HarrisonElana HarrisonJuly 28, 2023

This July we're thrilled to introduce a range of exciting features designed to enhance your spend management experience. From our updates to our Receipt Management toolkit and the Moss mobile app, to new post-spend approval options, Moss has got you covered.

(UPDATE) Receipt Management Toolkit

Moss’ receipt management system can save you and your team up to 2.5 business hours a month. Receipt Finder accesses Gmail or Outlook, fetches receipts from 50+ merchants, and matches them to transactions in Moss - our top no-touch solution. Moss’ direct integration with TravelPerk also makes it easier than ever to manage travel expenses. Watch our video to see how easy it is to connect your mailbox - and stop worrying about manually uploading receipts.

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(BETA) More options to review card spend

Concerned that your team’s spend got a bit out of hand? Managers now have more tools available to review each card transaction after the payment is made. Easily flag expenses that are private or out-of-policy before the month-end closing. Even better - you can proactively adjust your transaction approval policies within the platform to avoid the extra hassle for your accountant. Contact customer support if you are interested in joining the product beta testing group.

(NEW) Fully customisable budget tracking

Get more real-time oversight over your expenses with new budget dimensions. Select any criteria to define a budget, including budgets by team, cost centre, supplier, and expense account. This makes it even easier to track projects, team spend, and marketing spend per channel. Transactions can be automatically allocated to budgets according to multiple criteria sets (e.g. by both team and supplier), to create more granular budgets.

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(NEW) Moss integration with Exact Globe

Say goodbye to time-consuming manual exports and error prone CSV files. Moss’ exclusive integration with Exact Globe (Next + Plus) is all about saving you time and ensuring flawless accuracy when exporting data at month-end. Learn more here on why this the ultimate choice for accountants seeking optimal efficiency and precision for bookkeeping of their company spend.

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More features:

Fast and secure mobile authorisation

Save time by use our mobile app as a second authentication method instead of an SMS or authenticator app. Once you have set a passcode for your app, you can use it to authenticate key processes, including updating cards and changing user phone numbers.

Custom Mileage Rates

Do you have reimbursement rates that differ from the mandatory mileage rates? Moss now allows you to create custom mileage, to adjust them to your own needs.

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Referral program

You can now recommend Moss to your network.

Log in to our platform to sign up and receive a Amazon voucher for your referral if they also choose Moss. Plus, every new customer gets an additional 10% discount on their first year with Moss.

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