Moss debit card

Moss Debit: Corporate cards with direct settlement

Top up your balance and get started with no risk assessment. With Moss Debit, you set your own limits and benefit from corporate cards with maximum acceptance and direct clearing.

Enhanced flexibility

You want to chose your own limits independently? Load any desired funds and align balance and spend accordingly.

Cashback option

Moss customers with a high monthly transaction volume can get money back on their spending.

Fast and digital

Spend management with personalized credit cards and easy attachment of receipts put an end to endless bill-gathering. Invest your time into more important things.

Maximum security

Issue virtual cards for individual payments and set fixed limits for more security. All Moss cards also support 3D Secure.

Master your spend - accelerate your growth

Singup is done in no time - without a credit check

Get started faster without risk assessment

No credit card limit, no risk assessment. With Moss Debit you can spend up to your prepaid (pre-loaded) account balance. This way, no prior risk assesment is necessary and you can start immediately after registering and loading your funds. Get started and give yourself a headstart!

Select Bank in the Moss App, enter amount and deposit money

Top up your Moss credit account easily

Need a little bit more? Set your own limits. Load exactly the maximum amount you want to spend and put an end to unpleasant surprises in your monthly closing. And if you need more than planned, you can top up your balance any time - by comfortably paying in.

Apply for physical and virtual credit cards in the Moss app - whether one-time or recurring issuance.

Company cards for all cases

No matter if CMO or intern, if one-time-payment or recurring transaction. Issue an unlimited number of corporate cards for individual employees, teams or vendors. It's your choice if you prefer virtual or physical cards. This way, you master spend management as a team.

Direct billing from the account, direct deposit and view account balance and all expenses - directly in the Moss app.

Full control thanks to direct billing

Still scared of monthly closing? Moss has got you covered. With Moss Debit, every payment is made immediately after the transaction and instantly deducted from your available funds. Track all of your spend in real time. And never lose control of your cash flow.

Different virtual credit cards in different colours and for different types of expenses

Cards with maximum acceptance

Moss is connected to the Mastercard network, offering real corporate cards with world-wide acceptance. For business trips, software subscriptions or Google Ads. Our powerful cards with direct settlement are eligible for online and offline payments.

Moss Debit

All expenses under control

Distributing budgets, approving purchases, billing expenses - repetitive work often costs finance teams several working days a month. Free up your time, automate your expense management with Moss and distribute as many physical and virtual credit cards as you like across the organization. Whether for individual employees or teams, for one-time expenses or monthly subscriptions. Set individual limits and keep an eye on all costs.


Experience Moss and manage all expenses in one place.

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