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Napo: leashing spend with Moss

May 14, 2024
4 min
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Napo are blazing a trail in UK pet insurance. In Moss, they found the perfect partner to transform their financial operations, save time, and improve budget oversight.

Product used
  • Corporate Cards
  • Reimbursements
Problems solved
  • Spend brought under control
  • Replace multiple other solutions


Moss cards


days of admin saved per year

4x ROI

on Moss subscription fee

The challenge

Managing finances in a fast-growing company is always a challenge, especially for a pet insurance company like Napo, which aims not only to provide insurance but also to prevent pets from needing to see a vet in the first place. 

As the business grows to cater for and help support more pet parents, Jenny Liu, Director of Finance, and Finance Manager Gregg Christy wanted to bring spend under control without stifling their team’s autonomy. To do so, they sought a user-friendly solution to replace their existing separate reimbursements and spend management tools.


Napo turned to Moss for a comprehensive financial management solution that provided the flexibility and control they needed. Gregg issued corporate cards to each employee. This gives them the autonomy they require to effectively do their jobs, allowing them to easily pay for hotels during conferences, PPC ads, or subscription to a new tool for their tech stack. But he also implemented the spend limits and requests procedure that made it easier for him and the rest of the finance team to do their job of controlling spend. 

In Moss he found not just a platform that could replace the functionality of his two previous tools, but also a tool that could help him herald in a change of the spend culture at Napo.

"Everyone on the team loves how intuitive Moss is. It's much easier to use than Cledara and Dext, our previous tools."
- Gregg Christy, Finance Manager, Napo


The dashboards in Moss give Jenny and Gregg complete visibility over all the company’s spend. Now all of their marketing and IT spend goes through Moss, as well as incidental costs that the team incur at events and conferences around the country.

Jenny, Gregg and the rest of the finance team face 100% less questions like “How much can I spend on this?” and “how do I upload a receipt?”. On top of this, they rarely have to chase team members to upload their receipts and their cash flow management has greatly improved. Gregg estimates that a huge amount of time has been saved right across the business purely from the user-friendliness of Moss, which allows them all to focus on their core mission of providing the best possible insurance and care services for the nation’s pets.

"Moss does the job I wanted it to do, delivering complete visibility over spend and helping us to build a culture of accountability in the team."
- Gregg Christy, Finance Manager, Napo

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